MENTAL Help 911

NGO established to provide resources to people undergoing mental health issues.


Key initiatives are:

1) Mental Health Awareness

2) Psychological Counselling


Let’s end traditional and modern forms of slavery through mindfulness.


NGO established to instil eco-friendly values to people through various means.


Key initiatives are:

1) Save/Plant-A-Tree Activities

2) Research and Development on Innovative Solutions to prevalent environmental issues.


Let’s end traditional and modern forms of slavery by taking care of the environment. Live with a purpose.

We are in the process of setting up a philanthropic foundation which we'll call ‘akawnTHINK cares’ along with several other NGOs. Collectively, it will be the main beneficiary of the time and money contributions as it seeks to advance causes such as, but not limited to, financial literacy, mental health and environmental initiatives. 

Crowdsourcing target:

PHP 1 MILLION (USD c20,000)

for the minimum paid up capital of foundation

FINE-nancial LIT-e-racy 

NGO established to promote responsible handling of money.


Key initiatives are:

1) Financial Literacy Seminars

2) Financial Counselling


A few Scholarship Grants will also form part of the overall purpose and plan of actions.


Let’s end traditional and modern forms of slavery through literacy!





NGO established to support charitable institutions or specific causes in providing assistance to the community.


Key initiatives are:

1) Grants to charitable institutions

2) Feeding Programs

3) Disaster Assistance


Let’s end traditional and modern forms of slavery through our collective effort to help communities – one undertaking at a time. Live with your purpose.


You are about to do something amazing. The money you donate will transform the lives of somebody around the world and bring us closer to a day where everybody thrives in a community that is literate, mindful and purpose-driven.


Thank you.