Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Multiplicity is the name of the game.

PDU30 just got what he asked for.

A challenge from “the God” that is not “his God.”

His fanatics, payrolled friends and forced family will keep on holding to that thin thread that he’s doing everything good to save the lives of all Filipinos against the scary phantom of an unseen foe that lurks in every nook and cranny ready to pounce on our non-immune cells in a whim.

Detractors and dissenters would declare that the head of state and other government officials are out of their minds and messing around in addressing the pandemic especially now that the country’s economy is crunching like mad with more people dead or near dead of hunger or close to committing suicide for losing their livelihoods or simply for lack of things to do at home due to the punishing lockdown. This is on top of (or under) the daily demises piling up nonstop brought about by COVID 19.

I could say that the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Mismanagement of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-MEID) should be called as such since even the distribution of Social Amelioration Program (SAP) seems to be mis-distributed at this point. All those re-channelling of funds and whopping international loans brokered by this regime can give a massive headache even to the most mathematically-sharp economic genius.

No wonder the Ayuda-seeking folks, who did not receive any SAP, are crying out that they were not victimized by COVID but by “KUPIT.”

Believing that I might do a better job over who I dare brand as administrative clowns is a bit being way over my head, don’t you think? For one, the only public service I know is teaching. Secondly, those sitting in government offices are either well-experienced or supernaturally dedicated to convincing their constituents that voting for them was the right move. They have the power to legislate and execute laws for the betterment of the republic. If this isn’t enough PR (public relations), our paranormally Catholic-dominated nation must have faith in the old Japanese conviction that elected leaders are mandated by heaven.

As relatively difficult or simple the choices are, we could either hate-criticize or love-support the government for the splendid or lousy work they put in. Otherwise, much proactive if you’d suggest solutions after pointing out the problems. There is actually a provision in the Constitution that invites all citizens to have a voice in governance. But, of course, you need precious signatures from various sectors to be heard. So, good luck on this. Nah! You create your own luck, really.

The National Saliva

Spokesperson Harry Roque announced the yet further unproven efficacy of dexamethasone that could purportedly salvage 30% of infected individuals from the brink of bereavement drumbeating that the president still aims for a cure that promises 100% saving grace.

Weird how the chief executive sounds since his administration’s infamous OT (Operation Tokhang) summarily executes alleged shady characters involved in (illegal) drugs [Mercury Drugs not included], notwithstanding calls from human rights activists to review and recalibrate this policy. But, there’s no surrender in this leader’s machismo who once asked the public if we want to have criminally insane drug addicts terrorizing the streets or for these addicts to be instantly wiped out from the face of the Philippines rationalizing that there are not enough rehabilitation centers and jails to accommodate the vicious souls.

That’s why a lot of Filipinos (Sorry. No SWS [Social Weather Station] survey present yet.) may not buy the 100% presidential proclamation. The last time I checked, even a former military man, who might have been suffering from PSTD (post-traumatic stress disorder) for being previously stationed in Marawi, was shot in broad daylight with bystanders telling the police, “May tama po ‘yan.” To which the cops, who swore to serve and protect, retorted, “Wala kaming pakialam. Papatayin namin ‘yan.”

A parallel investigation on the incident conducted by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR) revealed that the evidence (gun) was planted by the police in the fellow’s sling bag and this malpractice (planting evidence) was also discovered in the path of deaths traced to OT. The dead guy by the way was killed for breaking the same quarantine protocols that the IATF-MEID and the top man on board turned a blind eye to when administrative agents (aka “Mga Anak ng Diyos”) General Debold Sinas and Senator Koko Pimentel were the ones caught toying with state regulations.

On one hand, I should spit on the highest office of the land for being such a double standard jerk in these critical moments when the world is literally turning upside down if it was not yet like this before. On the other hand, I, myself, should admit that there’s a chance that I might replicate a similar action if I were the president and my buddies are in question. We all are, in fact, mere mortals with self-constricting moral prejudices.

Be it as it may, the decision is (y)ours to make. Love it or hate ‘em, what’s the difference? Even though this was never a game from the very beginning, who wins or who loses lies deep within the God in you.

P.S.1: I hope you won’t tag this article in your socmed (social media) accounts because if misinterpreted, I might be arrested for inciting rebellion among our small community.

P.S.2: Culture of (evil) impunity be damned for this fear against an Anti-Terrorism Bill that should supposedly be dreaded only by terrorists.

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