ACCA-mazing. Understanding ACCA : My Learning Journey in FEU

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

I have been teaching in different schools since 2011. I started my teaching career in my Alma Mater, the University of Santo Tomas, and I have been exploring in different academic institutions afterwards. I joined review and lecture classes in the Metro and even in provinces. I worked as lecturer, reviewer and I have been blessed to work as a department head, too. I learned a lot in those years of exploration and up until now, I am still learning.

And, when I went back to Far Eastern University last August of 2018, I was given a lot of opportunities and I felt so blessed. God must be moving mountains again to widen my perspective in this profession. I remember when I was starting in FEU way back 2013. For me, it was not my comfort zone but I still took the challenge because God must have placed me here so I can grow more and go further in this kind of profession. Indeed, it was Far Eastern University that made me understand ACCA - it is the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. When it was first introduced to me, I was like, “Okay. This is an international certification. So, it must be something expensive. Will it be useful for CPAs like us?” I got a call from Sir Ramil almost 12 midnight asking me if I can go to Malaysia for a series of lectures in ACCA. I was a little bit scared that time because I have a daughter who will be left at home. (But, I am so blessed for having a good support system at home. Special thanks to Amara for being so independent! And, to my husband for taking care of the little monster and sunshine combined). As the saying goes, “If it scares you, then take that jump”

Then, I agreed to go. But, that time, due to time constraints, I will no longer do a lecture but rather, I will be sent for a study tour. That was November 2018 when I was sent to Malaysia with a colleague, Mark Ivan. That was one week of observing, interviewing and learning. Our stay in INTEC Education College – IPAC Education Professional Accountancy Centre was very fruitful. I am more grateful their lead, Dr. Mahfudzah was very open to us and answered all of our queries during our stay. The whole team was very warm and generous in anything that we need. It was an amazing experience to learn more about the certification and the best practices that they employ in their lecture. Then, Far Eastern also opened the doors for me to be trained as a lecturer for different papers in ACCA and I was able to use these trainings to do revision classes for our students taking up the ACCA examination. I was blessed to be trained in Singapore last January 2019, in Manila last March 2019 and I was able to visit the office of ACCA Malaysia last July 2019. It was a very humbling experience to know how the lecture works; how to do the discussions effectively; how to set timelines with the students and how are tests being marked.

My learning about ACCA Certification? It is so relevant nowadays especially if we are talking about being globally competitive. In Malaysia, I am very much impressed that ACCA certification is treated as an equivalent of their CPA License, and ACCA is actually doing their negotiations with the Philippines, too. Who knows? It might also become an equivalent license in our country. The good news? Upon meeting with Lauren Peng of ACCA, she discussed to me that the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) members are only required to get two out of seven papers which are Performance Management and Financial Management to be certified. It is something exciting for PICPA members like us. Far Eastern University, the pioneer academic institution, to see the relevance of ACCA is also working in getting their students take some ACCA examination papers even before they graduate. Other universities are also moving towards this direction because they realize the benefit in taking the ACCA examination and being certified. It may be costly but still, I hope we can see the advantage in it.

Remember that ACCA is a recognized international certification. Now, If we really want to learn more and go further in our career, I think taking international certification exams and further studies is a must. An international certification like ACCA will give us an edge in our game. I also admire the structure of the examinations provided by ACCA since it is not as simple as true or false, or multiple choices but there is an essay portion, too. They are putting much emphasis on concept-based learning and they want to level up the critical thinking skills of the students. It may be scary because it is not the usual but still, it is challenging and definitely worth it. Imagine being given a set of cases and they will let you analyse it and ask you for a report afterwards. Something different but this is really how it must be done. Again, if it scares you, then the more that you must take the risks. If you will ask me if it is costly, I must say everything we do really have costs but we have to make sure we invest in the right tree. Start investing in yourself by taking international certifications and further studies because what is inside our mind and our heart is something that no one can actually take away. So, put more in those two baskets.

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