Even God Fears Stupid People

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

“Even god fears stupid people.” This is the exact English translation of a famous quote in Nepal.

I’m from Nepal where roughly speaking, more than 80 to 85 percent of people are Hindu. Thereafter comes Buddhists and few Christians, Muslims and others. Hence, if you have to guess my religion, then Hinduism is your safest bet!

Hinduism is a non-monotheist religion, meaning, there are lots of gods, to be exact, 33 crores (3.3 Billion) gods. Some examples would be Sun and Moon. There are also gods of fire, water, wind, etc. Nevertheless, there are three supreme gods (supreme trinity) and they are: Shiva (The Destroyer), Bishnu (The Preserver) and Brahma (The Creator).

Shiva aka “Mahadev” (translation – biggest God) is a unique (a fancy term for weird) god, in the sense that he is half naked, wears tiger skin around his waist, has snake as a necklace, rubs ashes (of human) all over the body, smokes marijuana and other intoxicating stuffs, etc. He is also known as “Bholenath” (translation – innocent god). Shambho (Shiva) is a very dynamic god in Hinduism and there are many stories about him. In this article, I am going to share one story to you all.

Story goes like this, “Pashupati nath asked one of his demon followers, namely, “Bhashmasur” (someone who can turn anything into ashes) to fetch him some ash. Bhashmasur went to places but he really struggled finding ashes and came back to Nilkanta and told that he couldn’t find ashes. Bhashmasur then asked Rudra if he can get a boon by which he could turn anything into ashes by putting his palm on top of it. Shankar granted that boon. After having that boon, Bhashmasur started to feel superior and went crazy, and one day, tried to put his palm on top of Kaal Bhairav, and Kaal Bhairav, himself, had given this boon; this boon would work on anything or anybody, even, himself (I am skipping many things). In order to save him, Muktinath had to flee and so he did.”

Lets talk about that quote I have mentioned above. “Even god fears stupid people.” By stupid people, it means the people who don’t know what constitute right and what constitute wrong. Some people may think inflicting pain on others is okay. To be honest, we all wish sometimes, that someone, who have done bad things to us, feel the pain the same as we do. Let me ask you a question. Just because someone has done bad things to us, is it okay to do the same bad things to them? Most of us would justify doing a bad thing by saying bad thing was done to us. However, bad things are bad things; it doesn’t matter what the reason is behind doing them. This is what I believe.

In Hinduism, right and wrong come from within. We have to believe something is right for it to be a right thing and other things are bad. If we believe in something which constitutes wrong/bad/evil for others but not to us, then doing those things is not a sin. What is a sin? Something we know is wrong, but we still do it. That is a sin. Sin will be there as long as there is morality. If our moral code doesn’t include some actions to be wrong/bad/evil, doing it would not mean we have committed a sin. Actions can only be sin when we know it is wrong/bad/evil but we do it anyway. That means, if we are doing something which we believe is not right, then we are committing sin.

We are a conscious being. We are born with consciousness. Nevertheless, our upbringing and the environment play a vital role in determining what right and wrong are. We actually don’t need to be told what constitutes right and what doesn't. We already know them.

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