Updated: Jun 15, 2019

Tick-tock; Tick-tock. 8 hours: 24 minutes & 23 seconds...

You do count.

Double meaning. First, you own the aptitude to count everything there is that you do on Earth like how many hours you spend binge-Netflix-watching. Secondly, even as a single statistic in the world population, your presence creates positive and negative ripples in the historical timeline conveying a make-or-break impression that you could either contribute to this planet’s doom and apocalypse or its boom and salvation.

That’s how alarmingly and/or awesomely important you are. Thus, you do count!

Congratulations! You pass the minimum qualifications. You’re (now) a CPA!

In Vest In

“Everybody is really an accountant and an investor,” affirmed Mr. Arlan Vicencio, a certified public accountant (CPA). (He really passed the licensure examination for accountancy graduates.) He explained that, “For instance, we all ‘account’ for something and for that reason, we ‘invest’ in something.”

This means that the power to invest is vested in you.

Short of saying that we all have accountabilities to settle. So, we must invest on ourselves and on those we expect to back us up who will eventually take charge of our responsibilities. Sometimes or most of the time, it doesn’t work the way we would’ve wanted it but this pattern remains.

Wife and husband spend bonding moments to plant the seeds of love in their marriage. The union blooms reaping sincerity and faithfulness at its peak. Soon, wife turns to mother, cleaning, cooking and looking after the kids with a home-based job at the side or a full-time profession to boot. Husband becomes father, laboring tirelessly, seeking career advancement and finding more ways to put food on the table and save money in the bank. Both parents get busy and creative by investing in stocks and/or establishing a family business to be able to purchase insurance policies of different sorts. On top of all these, they work hand-in-hand in injecting discipline among their brood, teaching by example, for these young ones will take over from them ultimately, doing the same things again until the next generation replaces them once more. Hence, the wheels of accounting-investing go round and round in circles—till Kingdom come.


This site is here to condition your minds on the essentials.

Your accountabilities and investments rely on what all humans, rich or poor, able or disabled, intelligent or intellectually-challenged, good or bad, have in common…




All of us have 24 hours a day.

Although some die young while others live to share their stories with their great (great) grandchildren, there are two things that matter most:

1. What we put in our minds.

2. How we set ourselves up to do what needs to be done.

The only problem now is that “everything is relative.” Even that statement might be construed as true or false.

Wait. There’s another one.

Tick-tock; Tick-tock. 10 hours: 20 minutes & 4 seconds...

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