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Updated: Aug 5, 2019

I've once read this “Dad, tiger!!!!” story in a book during my childhood.

One day, a father and his naughty boy have gone to the forest to collect dry firewood. After collecting some dry branches, they bundled it.

“Let us go to another place so as to get one more bundle of firewood,” the father said.

“I am very tired. I need rest for a while,” boy pleaded.

“Ok. You sit here under the tree. I will go and collect,” permitted the father.

Suddenly, the father remembered that a tiger is said to be roaming in the forest.

“If you see a tiger, then call me immediately,” the father said, and then went ahead with his task.

After sitting a while, the boy felt bored. He wanted his father back. But, he knew that his father will come only after collecting sufficient firewood. After thinking, he got a mischievous idea.

“Dad, tiger!!!!” shouted the boy.

“Where is the tiger?” the father came running and enquired, while gasping.

“It's a lie,” answered the boy with a mischievous smile.

“You should not do something like that. Come with me,” ordered the father.

“No. I'll just stay here until you complete the work,” said the boy stubbornly.

“Watch the surroundings carefully and be alert. I will be back within an hour.”

“Don’t worry, I will take care of myself,” assured the boy.

After some time, the boy shouted once again, “Dad, dad, tiger!!!!”

The father came back, but had to return to his pursuit, disappointed and mad after cautioning the boy not to ever repeat the mischief again.

Meanwhile, the boy saw a very big tiger slowly coming towards him silently.

“Dad, tiger coming!!!! Dad, really, tiger coming!!!!” shouted the boy in a panicky voice.

Though the father heard, he thought that the boy was playing the same trick. He continued his work.

The tiger came, caught hold of the boy’s neck and dragged him into the forest.

Obviously, the story's moral lesson for children is that they should not tell lies.

Nonetheless, there is also a moral for the adults in the above story. Whatever we “act / pretend,” it will turn as a reality if done continually.

For instance, to overcome some personality disorders, this method maybe adopted. Generally, we feel tension if we are suddenly asked to attend to a new type of work, go up to a stage and speak, lost at unknown places, etc. In such circumstances, though there is anxiety in my mind, I act as if am confident and proceed to handle the situation. After acting “confident” for a while, I get adjusted to the circumstance and proceed to complete the task successfully.

Everyone can adopt this technique when there is no life threat.

Whenever you feel incompetent, insecure, inferior to anyone, fear of failure, etc., then simply “ACT” as if you've already mastered the situation. Face the challenge boldly. Own it. After a while, your brain will get acclimated to the work and you can complete it successfully.

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