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Updated: Sep 20, 2019

All great comforts that we are enjoying today are the result of someone’s dreams.

Examples are flying in the air [aeroplane], seeing and talking to a person of a distant place [smart phone], etc., could not have been considered possible a century back. They were the dreams of some visionaries who believed in the possibilities and strived really hard to prove it.

For that matter, any new idea will initially be opposed, and then ridiculed, then criticised. Failures in the process of pursuing the challenges will be mocked by others in order to discourage the person who differs from the routine. It demands lots of courage to stand against the stream and successfully prove the ultimate utility. When you persistently pursue and prove that your idea is worthy and useful to everyone, then all will follow you with applause.

Many of us do have great dreams. But, we don’t pursue them because we don’t think they are achievable. Hence, we don’t even go for the realisation of our dreams.

Be informed that a dream will be generated in your brain only when you are competent to achieve it.

So, whatever your dream may be, try to nurture it patiently with optimism. Have faith in your own abilities; the Almighty’s timely help; and strongly believe that you can achieve it. In the beginning, you may not know anything about how to start and how to proceed. However, once you come out of your comfort zone and start pursuing it, you will find different ways and means.

Leave the fear of failure and criticisms to others, and boldly proceed to chasing your dreams. Definitely, there will be lot of opposition in pursuing your dream.

First, believe that you are capable of achieving your goal. Then, think and have a plan of action. Start to follow your plan of action without worrying about others. As you proceed, you will find alternative ways to reach your goals. Use your wisdom and try new methods. If you succeed, then enjoy the success. If you fail, you will have the experience.

Remember that success depends on 99% of our efforts and 1% on luck. So, try your best and pray to the Almighty for divine support. If you are sincere, by all means, success will be yours - as always.

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