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Updated: Sep 7, 2019

When a colleague gets a promotion, or a fellow entrepreneur gets huge profits, or when a neighbour is flourishing, we have some inconvenient feeling called 'jealousy'.

There may be many struggles and sacrifices to achieve such wonderful outcome. But, we don’t actually bother about them. Instead of appreciating other people's accomplishments wholeheartedly, we search for the unwarranted negative reasons behind that success.

Let us see this practical example:

Mr. Ram and Mr. Bhim were selected as sales executives after an interview with a marketing firm. Both of them are equally qualified in all aspects.

After a year, Mr. Ram got the promotion as the Assistant Sales Manager. This made Mr. Bhim very frustrated. He was upset with the management's decision.

Mr. Bhim decided to resign and met with the General Manager to express his displeasure.

“Sir, I and Mr. Ram have joined this organisation on the same day and both of us are equally qualified. To be frank, I work harder than Mr Ram. Our working results are also the same. But, despite all these facts, Mr. Ram got a promotion and I did not.”

“Sit for a while Mr. Bhim,” said the GM thoughtfully.

Everyone in the office knows that Mr. Bhim is a hardworking person. He is equal to Mr. Ram in all aspects. But, Mr. Bhim lacks something which is very essential for a Sales Manager.

“Mr. Bhim, we will discuss about your promotion issue. However, can you please find out about the availability and price of watermelon?”

Mr. Bhim enquired and informed “Sir, watermelon is available @Rs.13 per kg.”

“Can we get it at a cheaper price if we purchase in bulk?” the GM asked.

Mr. Bhim went out again and came back. “Sir, Rs.11 is the sales price for bulk purchases.”

“OK. Please sit here,” said the GM and called Mr. Ram.

“Mr. Ram, please, can you go and find out about the availability and price of watermelon?”

Mr. Ram came back after a while with a notebook in his hand.

“Sir, watermelon is available from two vendors. One is supplying @Rs.12 per kg. But, the fruit quality is substandard. The second vendor is selling @Rs. 13 per kg and I believe its quality is better. If we purchase in bulk, then, he is ready to sell @Rs.11 per kg. This vendor has a contract with the watermelon farmers who will supply him the watermelon @Rs.5 per kg during this season. If we want the watermelon in bulk on a regular basis, then he is willing to sell @Rs.8. This price is negotiable depending on the quantity of the purchase. I will prepare a project report if you need one,” Mr. Ram completed in a confident tone.

“I will let you know. You may go now, Mr. Ram,” said the GM.

After the above discussion, Mr. Bhim realised what is lacking with him.

Instead of feeling jealousy, focusing on self-performance will yield good results. Further, working smart will always edge hardwork.

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