INNER VOICE | Everything that happens, happens for our good

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Just recollect the mishaps that happened in your life. They might have appeared as disasters at that time. But, now, you can certainly count many good outcomes out of them.

I will explain this through the story below.

A minister of a kingdom always used to say “it happened for our good only.” One day, the king accidentally lost his finger and was very unhappy about it. People expressed their condolences saying that it was a great loss to the kingdom. But, the minister came to see the king and said “it happened for our good only.” Hearing this, the king got irritated and ordered to put the minister in the prison. While going in, the minister repeated “it happened for our good only.”

After some time, the king, along with his soldiers, had gone for hunting in a dense forest. While chasing a wild animal, he was separated from his followers and got lost in the forest. Suddenly, cannibals grabbed-hold of the king and took him to their leader to decide his fate.

Considering the healthy body of the king, it was decided to offer him as the sacrifice animal to their deity. Accordingly, the king was decorated and presented at the slaughtering point.

The cannibals’ priest came with a big weapon and examined the king’s body. They found that the king is unfit as the sacrificing animal, due to a missing finger.

As the king was already announced as the sacrifice-animal, he cannot be killed for any other purpose as per their customs. Hence, the king was released and allowed to go away.

Somehow, the king found the way to his kingdom and reached the palace. The minister’s words “it happened for our good only” began to ring in his mind.

The king asked the soldiers to present the minister before him and afterwards, he narrated the whole story to the minister.

“It happened for our good only,” pleasantly smiling, said the minister.

“Losing a finger saved my life, no doubt about it. But, in what way was it good for you?”

“My lord, I used to be with you always wherever you go. If I was not in the prison, I would have been definitely with you when you were captured by the cannibals. Then, they would have found me fit for the sacrifice and might have killed me,” replied

the minister in a gentle tone."

After reading the story above, I hope you will realise that “whatever happens, it happens for our good only.” So, let us not mourn much on the mishaps and be brave to accept them with a positive hope that they will definitely result into some good in the future.

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