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Updated: Oct 27, 2019

In our day-to-day life, we encounter problems and also solve them on our own. When we can’t find a solution to an issue, then we seek others' help to solve it. If the “uneasiness” is really very complicated and very difficult to resolve, then we are forced to adjust to bare and live with that issue instead of solving it in different ways. This is common in everyone’s life - from birth to death.

Whether you accept it or not, many solutions are hidden in the problem itself.

People generally get accustomed to live with a hard issue, instead of thinking and finding new ways to overcome it. Let me show it through the illustration below.

In the side figure, to reach a place, there are two ways. One is a commonly used lengthy and narrow path. Another is a wide road, which is blocked by a barrier. People prefer to go to the routine path rather than take some pains to remove the hurdle of the other way and use it. It is also apparent that though a wise person see and try to show the better path, people just don't care.

“Jugaad” is a different way of thinking that gives better solutions to the problems. “Jugaad” can be defined as a flexible approach to problem-solving that uses limited resources and most importantly, in an innovative way. But, people will not listen, until and unless its practicality is shown to them through a demonstration.

Before convincing the people about the working way of any Jugaad, one has to face many challenges.

It requires lot of self-confidence and courage to proceed forward with what you think as “apt.” There will be lots of hurdles created by our own near and dear in the form of mockery, criticisms, non-cooperation, etc. Once you prove that your “Jugaad” is worthy, then all people will follow you automatically.

All or most of the visionaries have faced the above type of inconveniences and hurdles while pursuing and proving their innovations.

From the above illustrations, what I want to emphasise is …….

If you use the "Jugaad" in your day-to-day life, you are led to better ways.

So, devote sufficient time to think about "Jugaad." Draw a flexible plan of action.

And then, proceed to whatever you think is beneficial without caring about others' opinions.

If you succeed, then, you will have all the appreciation.

If not, then, you will also have new experiences and teachings.

In the aforementioned process, whatever the results may be, you will benefit and have the experience of doing things differently away from the routinary ones - while contributing something “new” of your own to the world. The satisfaction you get from your own "Jugaad" cannot be purchased at any cost.

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