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Updated: Aug 12, 2019

I wonder when people say that ………..

All the opportunities to grow and to be successful are exhausted nowadays.

There is just heavy competition in every field of life. The circumstances are not the same as they were used to be.

Is it true?????? In my view, it is not so. Because, challenges and opportunities are there, were there and WILL always be there.

In the earlier days, successful people were those who sacrificed their resources and pursued persistently till they get what they desired and dreamt. Best examples are…………

Scientists like Einstein, Newton, Darwin, Galileo, Edison, Wright Brothers, etc.

Freedom fighters such as Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, etc.

Business personalities like Jack Ma, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, etc.

Great emperors like Akbar, Alexander, Asoka, Caesar, Genghis Khan, etc.

Like them, there are great achievers and successful people in every field.

The name and fame have not come to them easily. They deserved the great success through their relentless struggles. They have not cared what the rest of the world thought of them while chasing their goals. Before getting the success, they failed several times in their attempts.

There is nothing wrong to have the desire to achieve something great. But, the problem is, do we really deserve what we desire? The right question may be, how can we deserve what we desire?

In my view, everyone has the potential to achieve whatever he wants. For that matter, the basic requirement is courage to take the risks boldly. The first obstacle in pursuing a new idea will be the objections from the near and dear. Next comes the ridicule and criticism from the known and unknown circles. Uncertainty and fear of failure play a vital role in pursuing any new way.

Was it not there in the past? Yes, it was there.

Whenever a new idea is proposed, people may object and criticise it. But, the dreamers, through their persistence, ultimately proved how they were right.

And so, before we wish to become great, we should make ourselves deserving of it.

The following steps are to be taken in order to achieve and deserve what we want:

Spend time to think and write down…………

1. What our goal is and by when we want to achieve it.

2. What are the required resources and how to acquire them?

3. Plan of action.

Then, jump into action; start doing whatever is required without caring what others say.

Do not give up till you get what you want.

If we do small possible tasks regularly, then one day, we will achieve the impossible.

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