INNER VOICE | Struggles Are Essential To Make You Stronger

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Motivated by an ecologist speech on the importance of having trees in the house surroundings, so as to have fresh supply of oxygen, two neighbours brought similar types of tree saplings from a nursery and planted these in their backyards.

One of them started nurturing his plant with good manure and great care. Whereas, the other one only occasionally provided water and let the plant grow on its own.

After a year, the 1st neighbour’s plant grew up as a wide tree with lot of branches. The 2nd neighbour’s tree, though it also grew, looked weak, in comparison to his neighbour’s. As and when the 1st neighbour boasted about his tree’s growth, the 2nd neighbour simply smiled at him.

During the ensuing rainy season, as usual, there was a storm one night. In the morning, it was found that the 1st neighbour’s tree collapsed due to heavy wind while the 2nd neighbour’s tree remained.

“How come my tree has fallen while yours remained stable,” inquired the 1st neighbour.

“It is because the roots of my tree penetrated deep and wide in the earth to get water and nutrients. It resulted in good root development in the underground. Since you have supplied abundant water and nutrients, the tree roots have not developed deep in the earth. In the absence of strong underground root system, your tree could not withstand even the mild wind velocity. Hence, it has fallen,” clarified the 2nd neighbour.

Many parents resort to the similar type of mistake while raising their children. They provide unnecessary comforts in the name of love and affection.

They justify their actions by saying:

“My children should not struggle like me.”

“My parents were poor, but I am not.”

“This is the way of showing my love and affection.”

“Let them enjoy the life from the childhood itself.”

“When we are blessed with abundance, why would I deprive my children?”

Since you have supplied abundant water and nutrients, the tree roots have not developed deep in the earth.

But, what these parents fail to realise is that the children, who are accustomed to easy life, cannot withstand the serious struggles of life.

Darwin said that – in the struggle for existence, only the fittest will survive. That means the strong will withstand the hardships and continue to exist, whereas, the weak will perish. This law of survival applies to all living beings, including human.

No doubt, Children are the Almighty’s gift to the parents. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the parents to train their offspring in such a way that they can be strong physically and mentally to face life's challenges successfully. This is essential because parents will not be there forever to protect their children.

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