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Know You(‘)r(e) Go(o)d

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Once upon a time, in a parallel dimension where whatever humans think literally happens, there was a man named Mr. J who refuted that such an idea/situation/reality was preposterous but he was the only person in that side of the multiverse who has seemed to abuse this power intentionally.

When he thought of being a billionaire, bundles of cash piled up on his doorstep the next day when he woke up. It took forever for him to count them all but he came up with a balance sheet of all paper bills and coins before he deposited them to the bank.

One time, he didn’t want to be stuck in the long queue going to the cashier at the grocery store, so he thought of being the first one in line and suddenly, everyone gave way without him asking for it.

Yes. From the seriously improbable like becoming instantly rich financially to the utterly commonplace like overtaking all people ahead of him, Mr. J used this exceptional power of his mind inappropriately that was supposedly a special gift from God.

He would always shrug his shoulders and say, “There are those who have it in them and those who don’t like to have it. I happen to want it. So, I got it. But, don’t believe that nonsense that when you think about it, it’ll happen. Things only happen when they’re meant to be. I’m simply destined for greatness. That’s all.”

His neighbours listened to Mr. J’s preaching and dismissed it as hogwash. These folks believe that their minds are indeed potent and this unique supernatural force came from the heavens—with a condition, of course. And, this was what Mr. J was forgetting about.

One day, Mr. J decided to sneak out of his mansion sick and tired of lying down on his giant couch and sicker of the nutritious foods that his servants prepare for him every day.

“He! He! Now I can buy my favourite chocolates and potato chips.”

“And, unquestionably, this will happen because I’ll get it done by hook or by crook. No paranormal garbage whatsoever from our so-called God.”

On the way to the door, he slipped on a wet portion of the floor and hurt his behind.

“Ouch! Where the …. did that water come from? It’s impossible that my expensive roofs are leaking. I don’t even remember that it rained last night. Wait…I never thought about this incident…Why did it happen?”

“You nincompoop! You probably thought you’re on top of the world.”

“Who’s that?”

Mr. J held a golf club on top of his head ready to hammer anyone within reach.

“I’m here you moron!”

Mr. J looked up at the vintage chandelier squinting at the colourfully-painted ceiling while scanning the multilevel parts of his manor with spiralling staircases. When he didn’t see anyone, he immediately switched his gaze down at the smoothly-tiled floor scrambling to take a peek underneath his king-sized sofa. Still, no one was in sight.

“Hey! I don’t know how you managed to get past my security personnel and sophisticated detection system. But, whoever you are, you’re trespassing and you’ll pay dearly for that.”

“You sound like you don’t remember bringing impossibility to life.”

“Wherever you’re hiding, get out, so I can kick your … ass!” Mr. J was furious but nervous at the same time.

“You’ll be kicking your own ass in that case.”

“Show yourself or just walk away if you don’t want to get hurt.” Mr. J threatened the stranger anxiously.

“You don’t get it, do you?”

“What I know is that you’re a coward and you’re intruding in my place!” Mr. J was extremely exasperated.

“Look at the mirror.”

“And, why should I do that?”

“Because that’s me. Yes. You made me. I’m you!”

“Whoa! You can’t fool me, you sucker!” Mr. J was pretending to be strong but he was obviously in a daze.

“Look around you.”

Mr. J finally realised that all his helpers were all over the place. His drivers, gardeners and security staff were peeping outside the veranda while the cooks, maids and cleaners were either hiding behind the house plants or under the stairs while looking at him.

“What’s up people? You’ve got to work your butts off for every penny I give you.”

One old lady mustered enough courage to say, “But sir, you’ve been like this for quite some time now. We’re trying to figure things out but you must stay here while tests are ongoing.”

Mr. J was puzzled all the more.

“What the … are you talking about? I’m the owner of this house. You’re my servants. If you can’t follow orders, I’ll fire all of you.”

The people surrounding him looked at one another and nodded. Then, they signalled the others outside to come in.

“So? What are you waiting for? Work! Work! Work! You worthless pieces of ….”

The old lady again spoke, “We’re sorry Mr. J. But, your mental power was taken away way back when you were taken to this place.”

“What are you saying? I’m a billionaire. I bought this place.”

A well-built man butted in, “You’re mistaken Sir. Guys, please restrain Mr. J and take him to the control lab for further tests.”

Going back to the real world of Mr. J…

His (real) servants found his cold body near the doorway. There was no wound or any blood. Later, in the hospital, they discovered that Mr. J suffered from a broken spinal column that led to his state of coma.

Back to where Mr. J ended up…

The old lady and the well-built man were having a serious conference along with the other members of the group regarding the severe case of Mr. J.

“We need to check out with the Boss before committing to any drastic measures on this man,” said the old lady.

“Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. He endured a very traumatic childhood witnessing the shouting matches of his parents due to his mother’s fits of jealousy and his father’s domineering character. He lost his heart and soul after his younger brother’s untimely demise. His best friends went to work to faraway lands leaving him to his lonesome,” the well-built man stated while holding the life file of Mr. J in his hand.

“You mean that’s when the lack of trust, maliciously critical eye for others and his condescending attitude started to creep in. But, he began talking to himself only when he went comatose,” the old lady analysed.

“Yes Ma’am. You’re correct. The split in his mind happened because he needed someone to wake him up. But, I agree with you. Boss always has the final say,” the well-built man conceded.

“Boss might give him a second chance but without his mental power,” the old lady retorted.

“Well, let’s wait and see,” the well-built man countered while all of them, including the old lady, were observing the frigid soul of Mr. J inside a time capsule.

Inside the mind of Mr. J…

“So, are you convinced now that I am you?”

“Where am I? What’s the matter with everyone?” Mr. J shouted.

“You’re simply asleep right now. We are, I mean.”

“Why the …. am I talking to my own self?” Mr. J was enraged.

“You need me. If you cannot accept me, the Boss will have a hard time getting through you.”

“Who the …. is that Boss you’re talking about?” Mr. J inquired angrily.

“The Maker of everything and everyone. The One who gave us our life and unique mental powers.”

“You mean God? Ha! Ha! Ha! I haven’t felt Him ever since I was young and abandoned," Mr. J reminisced.”

“The mere fact that you’re saying these things means He’s with you all this time.”

“Oh yeah. Where is He now?” Mr. J didn’t believe his other self.

In a rapid shift of density, Mr. J felt lighter and his life flashed back when he was young. He saw himself playing with his younger brother Jeck throwing water at each other while taking a splash at a swimming pool. They were two of the happiest boys during that time. Included in the scene were his laughing parents cheering them on. Suddenly, Jeck suffered leg cramps. He immediately rushed to his sibling’s side to carry the latter to safety.

Fast forward when he was in high school. His classmates wanted to cheat in their final English exam. He took the answer leaks out of their bags and destroyed these papers, so no cheating would take place. He had a beating from his classmates after class. He took it in stride.

Then, the most crushing accident happened. He was with Jeck walking along the street when three men with guns came running across them and not too far behind were a gang of policemen. They were caught at the crossfire and Jeck suddenly pushed him simultaneous with four gunshots. The experience went by in a blur and Mr. J eventually saw Jeck lying on the ground bloodied.

After this particular tragedy, everyone seemed to have the ability to make things happen based on what they think. People were informed in dreams that it was God’s gift for humanity’s goodness. But, Mr. J hated it. He cursed God for providing this gift too late for him to think of saving the life of his younger brother. Death is irreversible. When he thought of making his best friends come back for him. It never came true. The oldies said perhaps his buddies didn’t have the same thoughts as him. A contrast of thoughts apparently cancels out the mental power. This was why he refused to accept that the power was real. For him, it was practically useless. Until he made use of it for the wrong reasons. But, it worked.

These sparks of memories came rushing in an instant and burst like bubbles afterwards. After this episode, Mr. J’s mind blacked out…

A few seconds, maybe minutes or hours, have gone by…and then, the beeps in the ECG machine went wild…The doctor and nurses came rushing in. The sound came to a crunching halt. The flat line was showing in the monitor. The head doctor looked at his watch and asked the nurse to note down the time of death. When one of the nurses was about to cover Mr. J’s whole body and face with a blanket, the man unexpectedly sat up gasping for air like he just swam up to the surface after taking a deep dive underwater.

After barely recovering his breath, he shouted at the top of his lungs, “Lord, why did you do this to me!?!”

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