Updated: Oct 25, 2020

“Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” – John Woode

Pandemic made things more difficult than the usual. And oh, how I have been missing school and the face to face interactions with my colleagues and students. And I am a bit sad when I get to read people almost giving up this Pandemic. But who can ever blame them? No one should. It is a matter of understanding that everyone is indeed in their "down time" right now. No one to be blamed. Learning in a pandemic is indeed difficult and challenging. It may because of the devices needed, the motivation that one should have to study from home, the internet connection that is continuously breaking up, others would find it difficult also due to the not so conducive place for learning (remember, not everyone has a good place for learning). These are only some of the concern and it is indeed heartbreaking. We want to learn, but how when things are really difficult? In my point of view, I still want to be optimistic about it. Yes, I acknowledge that reasons behind the rants about learning in a pandemic but can we also find reasons to continue learning in a pandemic?

Just to break the record, I am also a student and a teacher at the same time. Plus a full time mom at home. So? Who should not complain? Not me, though. Just like Catriona, I would want to see a "silver lining" in these challenging days.

In school, at least in my point of view, there are so many changes that is happening.

Many would say that things are hard for the students and parents but let me tell you, it is also hard for teachers as well.

As a teacher, I have been creating modules for that are friendly to online learners and it is really eating much time than the usual because I have to make sure that by the arrangement of readings, instructional materials and assessments, we will be attaining our goal at the end of the day. I have to make sure also to record my own lecture videos because I have to still make them feel that I am still "there" although afar from them. Am I giving up? No. Never because this profession is something I love. My students are my client and all I want is the best for them. It may take more time, effort and even money (Yeah, I recently bought a new laptop just to serve my clients better because this one has a stylus, a touchscreen, better RAM and and i5) Yes, teachers are also spending beyond what is usual and for me, that is part of it because these are investments that will surely contribute in creating a better learning environment.

As a student, oh boy, I would say it is difficult but I must always go back to the reason why I am pursuing this studies in UP. I wanted to learn more about this profession "TEACHING" and here I am. Thank God that I am almost done with the requirements. I really have to work at night after doing my tasks in the office and for my classes. So, here I am working till 4 am. Am I giving up? No. Because it is something I have started and I will finish it.

Getting tired in the learning process is something acceptable. YES. It is really tiring but are we supposed to GIVE UP? I do not think so. Yes, things may be different from each of us but I do hope that we will see these CHALLENGING TIMES as a HAPPY KIND of DIFFICULT. Difficult because of everything that is happening. But may these difficult days be converted into small and big victories that we all deserve!

Hope all is well. Giving up? Think twice! thrice? four time? or a hundred times? Rest if you must but always find a reason to continue with your dreams.

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