Passed or Failed, YOU ARE BLESSED.

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

It is never an easy path when you have decided to take an examination. There will always be a risk of not passing and it will always cause a terrible heartache. But, it will always be worth the risk. Because, it is a dream that you want to come true and for it to come true, then we have to take that examination. Taking the exam itself is already a brave and difficult step. Imagine answering challenging questions, some are what we were taught about and some are about things we do not have any idea of. It will always be frustrating when you studied about apples and the questions are about strawberries. The preparation part will always be the stressful part. It will take a lot of ups and downs. It will cause you stress and breakdowns. But, you will still prepare for it anyway. After all, who would like to come to battles unprepared? No one. Now, another hard part is when you get to see the results of what you have prepared for. Recently, the result of the October 2019 Certified Public Accountant Licensure Examination in the Philippines was released. The passing rate was indeed low. How do we accept the result after? Accepting the results will never be easy especially when it is something that we think we do not deserve. For me, I am always realistic when it comes to expecting a result. I remember getting a score of 3 out of 30 in college departmental quiz and felt good since I thought I will be getting a zero. Because with the preparation I made, I think I did not give my best at all. So, I was ready to fail that time. But, when you prepared so well, how do you deal with the results? My message to everyone will always be this: "To all who once took a very relevant examination, I admire you that you took the risk. I am happy that you tried pursuing your dream just by taking the examination. Thank you for showing us perseverance and determination by giving so much time, money and effort just to prepare for your battles. Your loved ones saw that and they appreciate that for sure. Those sleepless nights and busy timelines were never a waste of time. Imagine the courage that you have in your heart for a dream that you wanted so bad. I admire your brave act. Your decision will always be worth it regardless of the result. I hope you will always have it in your mind and heart that whatever the results may be, you are already almost there. So, why just stare when you can actually take the chance of making your dreams come true?" Now, If ever you PASSED. Congratulations for you have attained a dream that you badly wanted. God must have given you this right time for you to be able to start doing your purpose in life. I hope you will always use that dream to make yourself more fulfilled and happier in life and on the side, not forgetting those people who were with you during your battle. Do not forget to thank all of them. Be an inspiration to the world and make relevant good marks in all of the places that you will be and on all of the people you will interact with. Be a relevant person who makes a difference in every step that you will make. Sad as it may be, if you did not make it, for me, you still deserve a Congratulations. You did not pass but that will never mean that you are a failure. You are still a winner. What did you win here? I hope you got more courage to continue, more motivation to dream once again and more determination to move forward. It will never be easy but I am telling you that it will always be worth it. In my case, I have failed in my basic accounting subject way back then. I was very sad that time but I used that failure as my motivation to do better and to even graduate on time. I told myself, "That will be my only failure in my college life" and true enough, I made it happen and I used that failure as my strength. I remember when I was interviewed for a job in 2011, the employer asked what makes me better than the other applicants. I told them that I am better because I failed in my life, learned how to bounce back and win. My failure is my strength. What I am telling you is that it is okay to be sad and not to be okay. You hibernate; it is fine. You feel bad; it is fine. But, I do hope that you will get up one day and realize that your worth as a person is more than the result of this examination. I hope you will also see the beauty in this failure. And, I pray that one day, you will be able to inspire other people on how you cope up, bounce back and win in your life. You are not a failure but only a work in progress. Everyone is a work in progress. Everyone fails at a point in time. But, I guess, you are not meant to stay in that point in time. Stand up and continue what you think you are dreaming about. There is a right time for everything. Again, whatever the results may be, there will always be a fruit out of it. Passed? Your fruit is achieving your dream. Failed? Your fruit is achieving your dream wrapped in another gift box. It is only up to you now how you will open and see it. The bottomline is, passed or failed, YOU ARE BLESSED. Ora et Labora

Lady Di

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