Quantum Realm: Infinity…and the Stones in Real Time

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

By: Your Chief Editor in Collaboration with the Founder

These musings are essentially linked to the “rat” that ditched the mad dash but has since began making marvellous strides toward the incalculable finish lines of real life’s infinite feats (taking into account “this wondrous endeavour”).

This rat may have once fantasised about entering Marvel Cinematic Universe’s “Quantum Realm” to get his hands on the six (6) infinity stones but he thought of dropping it altogether since he was afraid that “With great powers come great responsibility.” Hmmm…sounds like the Spiderman cliché must have struck a chord and scared the rat’s tingling excitement (or should I say gluttony) for the extraordinary moments and powers that the world offers while injecting some sense into his constantly spinning brain. Good thing, his common sense did not shrink into subatomic level which would have really trapped him with Ant-Man into that Multiverse’s domain where time and space are immaterial. Anyway, that would have taught him a thing or two about living in the moment, which he knew now more than ever—by processing desolation in the microscopic dimension of his very own subconscious—minus the actual Microverse experience.

As the case may be, these talks about quantum mechanics might have rattled the rat before as he probably thought of time travelling to the past and altering his future for best results, taking his cue from The Avengers. This should prove convenient since there won’t be any more struggles to endure like the “fear of being without” (envy) and the “greed over everyone’s approval” (people-pleasing). If the rat can modify his previous disposition by ta(l)king his earlier self out of the “spiritual rat race” even before entering it, then, things will definitely be smooth-sailing from thereon.

You’d wish it was that easy…as in wake up in the morning-eat your breakfast-brush your teeth-simple. But, here’s the catch: you’ve got to outpace everything and everyone beyond the speed of light to cruise back and forth in time—which is a present impossibility according to the master of relativity theory himself, Albert Einstein. Unless, you’d like to put on those surreal-looking (Hank) “Pym Particle”-induced costumes and do a “Time Heist” like what your Marvel superheroes did. Then, good luck! May the heavens bring you back—in one piece? Otherwise, you’d turn up a baby.

Kidding aside, how sure are you that if God permits you (a big if) to take a return trip to yesteryears, what you yearn to fine-tune would logically end up bringing about the impeccable event(s) that you long for? In such an occurrence, the “domino effect” will certainly play out in the many rows of your life, not just affecting the episode(s) that you’ve changed, but also creating an instant “ripple effect” on countless sections of your being and in other people’s existence as well.

Think about it. Let’s say the rat was able to tweak key incidents in the past preventing himself in the future to run in that messed up competition. He has side-stepped the slip-ups and depressions in his lifetime. However, some of his loved ones experienced minor mishaps while individuals unknown to him got themselves into major misfortunes—all because of the transformed history.

My, oh my, oh my, it’s a blessing that the rat made up his mind and was right on the money when he realized that “it’s NOT about ME.”

Even though this rat believes in Steve Jobs that “you can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards,” it doesn’t mean that he has to change what has already been done. Instead, he has to embrace the past; take stock of the present; and live forward towards the future as the late American business magnate put it best, “So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. Because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart, even when it leads you off the well-worn path.”

So much for time travel. Now, is there any more enormous pull that would mightily necessitate this action? The Infinity Stones? Again! The rat didn’t want them and you don’t need them either. Oh well, might as well explain everything in analogies. It’s worth a shot, right?

Imagine the awesome supremacy that Thanos felt when he wielded all six (6) of those formidable stones. Overwhelming is an understatement. Judgmentally Imposing. Awfully Uncontrollable. Terribly Frightening. He was all these and more. These are what you’re going to be when you have that kind of authority. And, this will definitely make the rat hiss with the insatiable appetite for control. Goodness gracious! He was compelled to restrain himself from such a desire.

Nevertheless, resisting the lure of power is not a walk in the park.

Having the ability to “create a portal from one part of the universe to another” (Space Stone) is something that not only Loki would have wanted. This could have come in handy for the rat who wants to bore through from one passageway to another in a jiffy (career projects and other personal goals accomplished subtracting the excruciating efforts).

The capacity to influence the minds of others (Mind Stone) is undoubtedly startling than perceived. If it could produce an originally peace-loving A.I. like Ultron and a fabulous android in Vision, the rat will completely enjoy every moment wherein he can manipulate his fellow rats (colleagues, acquaintances and everyone) and leaders of the pack (bosses, parents, elders) to believing in every direction (ideas, plans and proposed outcomes) he takes them.

Holding sway over matter-physical substances (Reality Stone), Malekith attempted to form a Dark World. In this same manner, the rat can tinker and re-shape anything in his path that would hinder his movements (take away obstacles blocking his progress without sweating them out).

Owning outrageous energy (Power Stone) gave Ronan the Accuser enough bravado to threaten the survival of a whole planet. With this colossal force in hand, the rat can obliterate separate rat holes (close out other companies or general competition) and break down his grumbling nemesis (rival employees, detractors) clawing his way up above everyone in the sewer (climbing the very top of the corporate ladder; realizing his dreams and ambitions).

To gain the facility of seizing and controlling souls (Soul Stone) should be a humongous motivation for Thanos to ransom the life of Gamora who is so much dear to him. Not a bad deal in exchange for a loved one, don’t you think? Having this power would create the impression that whatever the rat (considered a wrathful god with the right to take away life at any given minute) says must be obeyed or else risk extermination.

Finally, the coolest of them all because this brings us back to the relative idea of time; the rat could sure use Dr. Strange’s magical command of rewinding and fast-forwarding the clock at the drop of a hat (Time Stone). Nothing can stop the rat now from ruling (the) his race (life; mankind) since he can change direction and or/movement every time he wishes (revise every past mistake on a whim). On the second thought, he doesn’t need to commit a mistake—he must merely look into the future ahead of the blunder. How strange it is that the so-called Master of the Mystic Arts resorted to browsing through 14,000,605 imminent likelihoods before discovering a single route to trump Thanos. Was he sleeping on the Time Stone all this time before Thanos came around? What I mean is, he should have known in advance all these (Infinity War and End Game) theatrics. The rat could do a much better job with this gem if ever.

But, of course, you know the ending before the ending. The rat has managed to escape the entrapment of the stones (greed + fear + envy + pressure to please others = ABSOLUTE POWER—that corrupts absolutely). In fact, part of his opening journey was the end of it—the closure of self-aggrandisement.

He magnificently figured it out (no Time Stone required). Nor does he need the infinity gauntlet and snap his fingers just to tip the cosmic scale into balance. He simply decided to work on himself first. Then, he thought of making a difference one baby step at a time. Eventually, akawnTHINK was born. This planet benefits initially. Next, he (we) might go out of this world (intergalactic [ad]venture).

Today, the rat wanders around proactively with this in mind, “Death might be inevitable but God is our Iron Man.”

The race is a forgotten conclusion now for this rat. It’s already buried under the ashes of time. What’s very much alive is the fresh prospect of winning in life. You must love the sound of that idea 3,000 times.

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