Reading Wiz

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

By: Your Editor-in-Chief in Collaboration with Mr. Daniel S. Aquino (Grade 11-ABM)

Each and every day, we, humans, seek knowledge

Always pushing the limits and standing on the edge

Research, experiments and investigations

Curiosities are satisfied through explorations

In reading, I can do a lot of introspection.

Wisdom can be acquired in many ways

And, reading a book can definitely educate

It’s a simple solution to problems

Seems like a piece of cake—

The real road to progress

Various pages, I ate.

Adults are well-informed on how the world works

But, we, the youth, are immature and greenhorns

We need directions to guide us in our lives

Reading leads to different levels of good vibes

Where on Earth can these gems of ideas hide?

Those texts and manuscripts

Will never, ever die.

Classical literature

Of all genre

This is just what we need

Millennials and Gen Z’ers

Online stuffs are always available to read

Biographies and poems like this

Are now second fiddle

To social media blitz.

These are legacies of people from the past

Setting the tone for the present

Since future literacy will be cast

By reading on the history, essence and expressions

Of mistakes and success

We can breeze through time’s test

Reading might be a matter of life and death

Though it doesn’t mean that the fastest reader

Is simply the best

But, sharp reading comprehension might put you head and shoulders above the rest.

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