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State of the Virus Address

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Fact or fiction? “Whoever has no sin may cast the first stone.” Oooops…wrong quote. What I mean to say is…whoever knows more than I do may cast the first remark.

Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know if you’ll listen to someone like me. Hell! I don’t even know if somebody’s going to read these self-meditated truths (even my fellow community members in this site have gone AWOL without summoning the political correctness of the said term).

You might think that some kind of hare-brained megalomaniac, who wants to substitute for the president, is on the loose. Well, guess again. I’m just invoking my right to socially distanced self-expression (perhaps the only remaining right nowadays since everybody’s turning left to the sore and scratchy valley of personal lockdown with the ignominy of being ignorant of the real scientific facts at hand).

Seriously? What I do know is that what I’m about to tell you all is urgent and needs your unadulterated attention and comprehension without the influence of your friends, relatives and acquaintances who don’t know how to put two and two together, much less, understand the magnitude of the ongoing crisis. These are the people who perpetually blabber invectives along with sweeping generalizations coupled with spittle coming out from their stinking mouths but once they actually listen to their lunatic selves (aka out-of-body experience brouhaha), they would have to either gladly acknowledge their crazy biases or madly deny their stupid prejudices. Hmmmm…Sounds familiar in both Houses of Congress, don’t you think?

Unfairness, preconceived notions, whatever you call it…should’ve shut them off before I started putting my fingers on this keyboard but they have this stubborn oomph similar to an odd virus that couldn’t be caged.

Moving forward, you must all be warned that COVID 19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019), which is spreading all over the globe like wildfire or taking the world by storm (more like a hurricane or more ferocious than all kinds of calamities combined—this, in the mind of a nincompoop), is overrated. Yes. It’s hyper hyped. Knowledge is the only way out of this.

I’ll do another round of hyping. As we speak (March 24, 2020, almost 2 PM, Philippine time) there are 501 (and counting) positive infections in the Philippines from which 19 have recovered and 33 have perished. The global death toll is 16,558; total number of confirmed cases worldwide is 381,761 (81,171 from China; 63,927 from Italy). From this number, 102,429 have survived the infection. This virus has spread in 174 out of 195 countries. Active cases registered are at 262,774 currently infected, 250,712 of which are considered as mild condition [95%] while 12,062 individuals are in serious or critical condition [5%].

According to Professor Jonathan Quick of the Duke Global Health Institute, it’s impossible to totally ground COVID 19 since the animal source of the virus is relatively unknown as of the moment along with its exact incubation period, likelihood of reinfection, effectiveness of antiviral medications on it if one is even discovered in the far future, and whether the quantity of reported cases is precise.

Come to think of it, is there such a thing as “precise” in this world? Mind you, Coronavirus vaccine is merely in the trial or development stage at present. I’m now wondering if Ted Dekker was not kidding when he wrote in his book “Red” that even if you put 10,000 lab technicians together to work on the right combination for an antivirus, 60 days won’t even be enough. So, with the world’s brightest scientific minds, no one can come up with a cure to this pandemic? Shout out to the so-called first world countries where money and powers abound. A Filipino (or a team of Filipinos) might just be able to discern the genome of this virus ahead of the rest and these Axis Powers will be waiting like vultures to sweep the antivirus off our feet (along with the copyright to it) leaving bundles of cash on their tracks to slow down and/or stop the chasing Filipinos who might have been convinced that “little brotherhood” cooperation was the more practical way with an under-the-table agreement for fame, more fortune and special powers as part of the irresistible package. Presidents are tempted with this deal, so why not me? Otherwise, might be best to call in Walter Beckett from “Spies in Disguise.”

Now, have you gone to great lengths to find out how COVID compares to its predecessors Ebola, SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome)-COV?

The Ebola Outbreak in 2014-2016 took away 11,310 lives from 28,616 cases only in West Africa (Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone) with an additional 36 cases and 15 deaths when the virus spread in other (7) countries. Good for Americans. The first FDA approved vaccine for Ebola was released in 2019 in the US.

The SARS-COV 2002-2003 Epidemic had 8,098 cases with 774 deaths in 17 countries (majority of cases were in mainland China and Hong Kong) while the MERS-COV listed 2,494 cases with 858 (global) deaths (majority of which occurred in Saudi Arabia).

It was theorized that the coronavirus (COV) originated from bats or pangolins. The first transmission to humans happened in Wuhan, China. Since then, the virus has spread by person-to-person interaction substantiating the “social distancing” scheme every country has been employing. This catchphrase has become a household name in such a short span of time and it may well be an early nominee for term of the year along with “lockdown” and of course, “COVID 19.”

You might think I’m being funny but I have a strange feeling that somebody in the World Health Organization (WHO) intentionally renamed this virus from NCOV to COVID 19 (saying that other symptoms came out along the way necessitating the change in name) as a tribute to the legend of Kobe (Bryant)—KB 8 & 24 as they call him in NBA (National Basketball Association) parlance. Hope you got the drift. Now, if this virus turns out killing more than 75-200 million people like how the “Great Bubonic Plague” (aka “Black Death” or “Black Plague”) did in Eurasia from 1346-1353, I’m guessing WHO has a ready moniker for COVID 19. Don’t you dare roll the carpet for the wrath of the “Black Mamba.”

Kidding aside, Kobe 24 is a basketball God for me and I would vouch for his instant enshrinement in the Hall of Fame but whoever’s idolizing him in WHO has indeed a weird sense of humor.

Seriously speaking, my fellow people, COVID 19 might only end in two distinctive ways. One, elimination by vaccine which is not an option right now. Two, the virus becoming endemic like the common cold or flu. Endemic meaning prevalent and naturally occurring due to the season (too hot or too cold) and the widespread virus has become an epidemic once. Such is the path that COVID 19 is taking.

In comparison, there are 290,000-650,000 annual worldwide deaths from the common cold/flu while at the rate COVID 19 is going (3%-4% fatality frequency at the moment), it might log in a 0.1% year projection mortality rate (number of cases divided by the number of deaths) which is basically the exact percentage of deaths from the common cold/flu (0.1%, too). And, remember what Professor Quick just said—are the exact numbers being reported? What did I say to that again?

Ladies and gentlemen, netizens one and all, I have come to the most earth shattering portion of my address. In the book, “Eyes of Darkness” by Dean Koontz, who used the pseudonym Nicolas Leigh, COVID 19 might have been alluded to as the mutated virus strain “Wuhan-400” that attacks the lungs and upper respiratory system. It was described as a lethal biological weapon that was created at the RDNA Labs outside the city of Wuhan, China. What’s unnerving is that the author mentioned 2020 as the year that the virus has been released and that it will re-occur after 10 years (2030). The book was published in 1981. What are the odds, right?

Well, I have a conspiracy theory to present that you can all reject or validate. With the way things went still in favor of the Philippines (a friend of China), would you care to assume that this virus mumbo jumbo was spread to the world in a premeditated manner, intentionally attacking the countries that are against the ambitions of a Superpower that would like to dislodge the most powerful nation in its pursuit of global dominance? Let’s utilize a dose of elementary logic here. Italy, which is the most ravaged by COVID 19 at present, seems to fit the bill for the chinky-eyed vengeance since Vatican is in Rome (Italy’s capital) and that is the seat of the Holy See whom the Communist Republic must have hated for the longest time now despite the efforts of Pope Francis to bridge the gap(s) among religious congregations and/or administrative principles. For all we know, the hypocrisy in Catholicism and the whole of Christianity for that matter makes these Asian superiors shudder in disgust. In all honesty, they might just have me on board but just in this single aspect. Additionally, France (860 deaths from 19,856 confirmed COVID cases so far) is a neighbor of Italy and Hitler once proclaimed to all people, young and old, that “whoever controls France, controls Europe and whoever controls Europe, controls the world.” On the other hand, Iran might have been hit hard by the virus since its government officials socialized elbow-to-elbow with Chinese diplomats, of all dates, in the eve of the virus’ release. South Korea (100 deaths out of 8,653 cases), a US ally, is an easy pick for the viral boom. Finally, the people in Wuhan, the professed epicenter of the outbreak, were the alleged “sacrificial lambs” that should distract the world on its tracks thinking twice to point a finger on the calculated culpability of a smart, capable state that would devise such a highly covert plot since the probability of winning a nuclear war in this era ranges from 0 to -1,000,000.

You wouldn’t have suspected that President Rodrigo Duterte and his top dog Senator Bong Go tested negative because Chinese doctors have already injected the antivirus in their sucking veins. I would’ve predicted all along that Duterte is singing the communism tune not with Joma Sison but with Xi Jinping not after asking, “What’s in it for me?” And, this is practically where the clandestine lines are drawn. You now ought to understand how a tough trash talker such as the president would kowtow to a Global force like China (aside from the issue on international stature which I think the chief executive cares less as evident of his wild ad libs against Obama and the Pope) . Flash news: President Donald Trump had a press conference today (March 24, 2020) announcing that US will be business as usual sooner than everyone expected. Is America actually trapping its Asian rival to expose itself by deliberately spreading another round of the virus in US soil, but this time, American forces are in full alert to intercept? I’ve been explaining this idea to my gorgeous wife too many times and COVID 19 simply certified my belief that only a stupid country would wage (arms) war with another country in this age of United Nations and international peace treaties.

Needless to say, China denies all live claims.

God help us…but what if China is really God? Or, God is COVID 19 out to slay us all in one sweep. It seems that God are the people who are out to steal power from one another. In essence, God may just be a person or a committee of individuals hidden somewhere pushing buttons that might not be the right ones all the time.

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