Top Qualities of a Website Designer by Oscar Mallabo


The web design profession, just like any artistic or creative job, has intense competition. This field requires you as a web designer to have a wide variety of design experience and a comprehensive understanding of how to use computer technology that complement natural creative talent and traditional skills that include drawing and painting.

Based on my personal experiences as a website designer, I have identified several important qualities that you must possess to become successful in this very competitive industry. Such traits and qualities help you stand out from the crowd and become one of the successful designers in the field.

First and foremost, you should have an extensive experience in designing websites for clients in the industry that you are dealing with. Having a thorough understanding of a particular industry allows you to have a hint of what is required by your clients. This eliminates significant time consumed in the web design planning process.

Having good knowledge, techniques, and strategies is closely linked to experience. A good website designer can be identified by his ability to explain the techniques and overall strategy that they utilize when creating a website. Therefore, you must not struggle in explaining techniques and strategies to avoid a challenging working relationship with your clients.

Another top quality that you should possess is having an expansive portfolio. Hiring a newbie web site designer, despite having exceptional talents, is always a gamble for clients as they do not possess an experience or a track record. As you gain experience in your chosen field, you will eventually have a variety of services to offer to your clients.

Good website designers are also good communicators. Good communication does not lie on merely having a vast arsenal of terminologies related to website design, but having the ability to explain these terminologies to clients in simple terms for them to understand.

Website designing is a huge project, so you must be able to express clearly your vision to your clients. As a web designer, I have a strong tendency to look for inspiration whenever I engage in the very tedious nature of web designing.

I must admit that there are times when I feel sluggish and cannot fully concentrate on my current projects and endeavours. To boost my imagination and activate my creative juices, I usually look at the lives of great people, and there is no greater source of inspiration other than former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln.

Without further fanfare, here are character qualities so famously attributed to Lincoln.

1. He was a learner.

Lincoln was not born with these exemplary character virtues. He honed, practiced, and developed them on a daily basis. He was not a perfect individual as he possessed human flaws and committed many mistakes in his life, but he learned to compensate for his own personal shortcomings through constant practice and diligent effort. The love of learning is important in web designing as information technology continues to evolve.

2. He was a listener.

Lincoln was described by California Senator Cornelius Cole as a good listener which reflected his friendly feeling for all. Although he was argumentative, he was never dictatorial and was never offensively opinionated. Listening is an important communication skill that web designers should emulate as projects and tasks sometimes need to be changed and revised. Websites are complex projects and a designer needs to be good in collaboration.

3. He was decisive and proactive.

Lincoln led the United States in a period wherein the nation faced the most challenging threat to its existence. He absolutely knew that inaction would inevitably result in the breakup of the Union. Despite the full understanding that war would result in deaths and devastation, he declared war on the Confederate States of America to ensure the preservation of the Union. There are times that web designers, even the most experienced developers, are stacked with a bug, which requires an immediate action.

4. He was a realist, not an egotist.

Lincoln correctly assessed and predicted that he was not going to be re-elected to the Senate at the end of the 1858 campaign. This is a concrete evidence that he did not let his ego get in the way of his judgment. This virtue applies to web designers who need to identify their target customers' feelings and opinions about a web design project.

5. He was personable.

Lincoln attracted friends of all ages due to his almost faultless character. He was known to have possessed a warm and genial heart and courteous to his friends and opponents. Web designers are encouraged to possess integrity and a passion for their work. Clients prefer someone that they can talk to comfortably. A web design project entails a long working relationship between the designer and the client and it pays to get along with each other well.

Abraham Lincoln occupies a special place in my heart and in peoples' collective memory as he displayed exemplar virtues that rival religious figures. Despite his being among the great individuals that the United States had, he had human flaws that he struggled to rectify and eventually overcame through constant practice and diligent effort. Same is true with web design which requires continuous learning and practice as technology continues to evolve. Web designing is a complex and a challenging task that requires certain qualities like the ones attributed to Abraham Lincoln.

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