Utopian This Function(s): The Pre-Millennial—Millennial—Post Millennial Workforce Dynamics

In a state of mental dysfunction, you ought to do the Math here.

It figures that God (assuming that the belief in an Almighty presence is pervasive and non-negotiable) did not really create humans equally—at least in the workforce. There must be creasing brows and head scratching by now. Kindly view this table below to get what I mean.

There are identical statistics? And, yes, I mentioned uneven. That’s why I probably told you to take care of the numbers. At any rate, this blunder might not be the point of it all. As clear as daylight, three digits are still in stark contrast. Furthermore, you can analyze the data meticulously. It’s a no-brainer, right? The genuine variance lies from within the amount of (character) gap we could see through each generation.

If you’re open-minded enough to digest the allusion, this connotes that God formed men and women (employees) in His likeness and distributed them unequally by time frame in order for the yin-yang effect to take place.

Advancing a step forward to the innuendoes of this supreme idealism will lead us to the intersecting paths of the Gen X (pre-millennials: born between 1965-1980) who are not about to kowtow to their up and coming flamboyant successors; the Gen Y (millennials: those who came to life from 1981-1997) who are in the groove to grab the executive throne from their wary and weary predecessors; and the Gen Z (post-millennials: the younger ones, approximately ranging from ages 7-22 in 2019) who are keeping the millennials on their toes while literally climbing that steep corporate mountain of success. And, even with a meager 6% share of the employment pie, the old folks or Baby Boomers (born between 1946-1964) still hold a substantial degree of wisdom that the youth must heed at all times in order to learn the ropes and be masters of the dog-eat-dog world.

Well, there’s your roll call of workers and this is practically a slice of their daily ordeal wherein their supposed mentors turn out to be tormentors who will breathe down their throats at a single sign of weakness.

A clearer scene plays out in my mind forever and I have rewound it for the nth time and nothing changes much. It goes a little bit something like this: The tremendously confident (most of the time too overconfident for comfort—talk about double superlatives) Gen Y and Z (not necessarily ranked in alphabetical order but fundamentally dependent on the so-called aggressiveness factor) horde go out in that jungle of a workplace, armed to the teeth with a phenomenal grasp of high-tech communications know-how in the form of cutting-edge automation like AI which is instantaneously connected to the ‘net while the brains of these entitled individuals, boosted by high IQ (although occasionally lacking in EQ), are wired to sponge-soak as much information as they can with every click of a mouse and tap on the keyboard. This is absolutely the answer to the billion pound (sterling) question, “What makes the millennials (and post-millennials) tick?”

On the other side of the fence, the Boomers and Gen X’ers are in a mad scramble to salvage their stature (or what’s left of it), worried sick that their being “un-techies” might give the slightest advantage to those upstarts who are looking to gain the inside track and whose knocks on the door are getting louder and louder, annoyingly making the elders pretty anxious by the second.

It’s already crunch time ladies and gentlemen. A cardiac moment as the old sportscasters in basketball have dubbed it. This is the crucial juncture where the legends are separated from the wimps. Come to think of it, that 35% deadlock might be broken sooner than we think and in that continuum, some (the strong) will opportunistically turn the corner and the others (the weak) will miserably stumble, fall and fade away to apparently give in to the new blood.

What an awful ending to a much more terrible beginning. You know what the good news is? This is basically just the ideal (utopian) deviation or abnormality (dysfunction).

There is definitely a flip side to all this occupational ugliness. Call it a parallel universe where the twist is a straight, handsome image of what professional harmony actually looks like. In this charmed depiction, the workforce is essentially separated by generation to strike a rainbow of screenshots that highlights the fortes of each peer group beyond the X’s and O’s that will culminate in flashes and strokes of genius, forging the yin (negative) and yang (positive) of holistically constructive experiences superbly programmed into the psyches of the well-mended workhorse regardless of any age bracket. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to discern that in this kind of labor mindset, individual exploits are always celebrated but these are simply part and parcel of the whole package that is the magnificent (total group effort) production ever-reliant on the heart and soul of good-natured teamwork. Utopia (Heaven)—functions like this.

Now, I sure understand how to put 2 and 2 together but I can’t seem to figure out whether you still need to count or a slight dose of mental Math will do it or God doesn’t mind at all.

One more thing, right-click the word “millennial” in MS Word (Windows 8.1) and surprise, surprise—you’ll go gaga over its first synonym.

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