We Need Tank!

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

We Need Tank! That’s a common praise being mentioned by online gamers nowadays.

That is the heed of the players that don’t want to play as the front liners and do not want to be the damage takers. For those of you who are having a hard time to relate, a tank is the type of player/character that takes the damage from the enemy, so the other members such as the archers, mage, fighters can accomplish their goals based on what their roles in the game are asking. Tanks are built to have larger life span and are made to be tougher in order for them to accept all the damage being thrown at them. But still, not everyone is willing to take this role.

Life is like a game; sometimes you win and sometimes you don't. But, isn’t it nice if you have someone to tank for you in real life, so you can focus on your own goal and get one step closer to victory? But, who are the real life tanks out there that we forget to notice? Those tanks that we haven’t thanked for their efforts and sacrifices?

The parents and guardians who tanked for you when you were young up until you can stand on your own feet. That one stranger you speak about your problem who tanked for your secrets against malicious ears. That one boss who knows no one is perfect and tanked for your mistakes in the office. That police who tanked for you against crime. That one colleague who stayed and spent a sleepless night at the hospital to tank for you until you recover. That one decent public official who tanks for the community against corruption. That one teacher who taught you and tanked for you against illiteracy. That one company who gave you a job to tank for you against being penniless. That one friend who always keeps in touch with you to tank for you against being home sick. Lastly, that one God who has always tanked for you against evilness and on being lost in life.

God is the MVP tank. He tanks for you against loneliness even when there is no real reason to feel it. He tanks for you against doubt even, at times, you doubt him. He tanks for you against pain, even, at times, you are the one moving towards the source of your physical, emotional and spiritual pains. He tanks for you against darkness even at those times where you enjoy it. He tanks for you against being heavily-burdened even, at times, you don’t see the marvels of His works. He tanks for you against solitude when you prefer to play solo and not acknowledge Him.

You have your own strengths and skills and it’s not wrong to rely on those. But, what if the “enemy” chooses to “gank” you next? Is your “spiritual hit points” enough to take the damage? With God as your tank, winning is not an option - it becomes a choice. God has tanked for us even at those times that we don’t know, we don’t notice or we do not acknowledge Him.

When was the last time you became a tank for someone? When was the last time you thanked and praised our 'everyday tank'? It’s not too late to become the savage game changer! Tank your way in!

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