The akawnTHINK Model

The akawnTHINK© is a community blog that brings together passionate writers (pro and non-pro) who want to share their expertise, opinions and outcries - and - readers (pro and non-pro) who are seeking for models, other perspectives or just a companion. 

Articles are personal contributions of the columnists and other guest writers.

It raises funds through the donations of its generous subscribers which would ultimately be donated to charitable institutions and causes after covering for the maintenance costs. It also receives commitment of volunteers’ time for any forthcoming charity works.

The first batch of articles was published on June 1, 2019. 

Disclaimer: The articles contained in this blog are personal views of the writers. We do not take any responsibility for any economic or other forms of loss from following any opinions stated in the articles. We advise that you consult with independent professionals as the case may be.

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